Business Advisory Services

Business in Armenia is experiencing transformation, development and change. The increasingly competitive environment brings the need to redefine strategies, align organizational structures and business processes.

At GLOBAL SPC our Business Advisory specialists have highest qualification in the following fields:

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Business Risk Advisory Services
  • Technology & Security Risk Services
  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Tax Consulting
  • Transaction Support Services

Our Business Advisory Services approach to advisory goes beyond providing advice for improvements. We work with clients to achieve real change in the way their companies operate, accompanying our clients all the way through to successful implementation.

Fast growth and regional expansion

  • Redesign of the organizational and functional structure (organization of a corporate center, centralization of functions, unification of the standard subdivision organizational structure)
  • Re-engineering of the company's business processe
  • Introduction of a budgeting system
  • Improvement of working capital management.

Enhancement of competition

  • Revision of operational strategy
  • Development of critical factors for effectiveness
  • Introduction of activity-based costing
  • Implementation and enhancement of management information systems
  • Enhancement of supply chain management.
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